If you are, like me, using Win10 with legacy BOOT option and would like to start playing with newest Windows 11 version - first problem probably will be TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip... which can be easily added to VM - if it runs UEFI based boot firmware. Change, without proper existing disk preparation, could went wrong in terms of non-bootable machine etc.

Summary - it can be done without OS reinstall and here are proposed steps that worked for me:

- of course - some kind of backup/snapshot should be there, just in case ;)

- run command "Get-Disk" which should give you output that Partition style is MBR;

- before actual conversion you can run validation with command "MBR2GPT.exe /validate /allowFullOS" - using variable "allowFullOS" inside running VM;

- after successful validation - actual conversion is done by using command "MBR2GPT.exe /convert /allowFullOS";

- shut down VM after conversion is done and change to UEFI boot option - Fusion example below:

VMware Fusion change VM UEFI settings

- after change and powering VM up - "Get-Disk" should show GPT as Partition style like this:

Disk Partition style as GPT

- at the end you can easily add new device - TPM module to VM - again with shut downed Win10 environment :)

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